Baby North West About to Make Her TV Debut…No Matter What Kanye Says


I don’t think this surprises anyone, except papa West. Despite all of Kanye’s hooting, hollering, temper tantrums and statements about how his daughter with reality star Kim Kardashian is not America’s baby, RadarOnline reports that Kardashian has indeed been filming Keeping Up With the Kardashians since she brought baby West home.

Cameras have been “a constant presence in Kris’ house since Kim and Kanye brought North home from the hospital. Kanye has been angry about the intrusion, but Kim is contractually obligated to film,” a family insider told Radar.

There aren’t any close up shots of baby West, but the insider says that there will be footage of Kardashian holding the baby and of the temporary nursery. Of course this was all done while Kanye wasn’t around. We’ll see how this debacle effects the celebrity couples’ relationship. The countdown to West’s profanity laced explosion begins now.


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