‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Meet The New Wife

Basketball Wives

Season 5, Episode 2

On the second episode of this season, we meet the new wife, Tasha Marbury. Surprise, surprise, she’s an actual wife. C’mon somebody, VH1 found a woman who legitimately lives up to the title and original premise of this show. Granted, that doesn’t make me miss Jennifer Williams any less, but thank you for showing up, Mrs. Marbury. That said, other things happened involving the other four members of the show, although I won’t deny that you might start hearing the line, “I’m in the club doin’ the same ol’ two step,” as you read along. —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

1. Meet The New Wife
Mere seconds after Evelyn Lozada mentioned the name of her friend and wife of former NBA player, Stephon Marbury, Latasha Marbury went right into a rehash of her audition with the producers of Basketball Wives. First, she explains that someone is stealing money from her. Right after that, she acknowledges that she feels like a single mother given that Stephon currently plays ball in China. Then, she talks about her plans at starting a business – a weave bar – because after being a wife and mother for so long, she’s ready to have something of her own.

If those weren’t enough recurring storylines for you, Evelyn and Latasha start discussing Eve’s book and how there’s a certain storyline about a pro ball player cheating on his wife with a chef that sounds eerily similar to what reportedly transpired in Latasha and Stephon’s marriage. Evelyn assures Latasha that she wasn’t thinking of her when she included that in the book, but I bet producers were ecstatic to hear this moment caught on camera.