VIrtual Vixens: BBW5 Ep 1 Recap—Tears, Tears & More Tears


Season 4 saw the future Mrs. Johnson prepping for a wedding. We were also promised a spinoff with Ev and Chad Ochocinco (Johnson). It was unfortunate the happy couple divorced following a domestic violence case. So I guess going into the new season we should have known Evelyn’s story would be the opener. But why so shy, camera guy?

Evelyn vented to her team, including Mama Ev (Sylvia) and her daughter, Shaniece before we finally got a scene with Tami Roman and the brand new Shaunie O’Neal who sported a new do—yes, Ms. Shaunie said the hell with the pixie cut.

Now we get to see a side of Tami we never knew. Tami reveals that she is losing her mother and is afraid of being alone which calls for another emotional scene. It’s as if the roles between mean girl Tami and the church mouse Shaunie has switched. In the very same scene, which felt like two seconds, we’re introduced to Ms. New Attitude aka Shaunie. And then of course, its back to Evelyn, which brings us to the show’s conclusion.

The ladies get together as they normally would and we finally see Suzie. Even Suzie has shown a different side; an ‘I haven’t had sex in a while’ Suzie that I just can’t wrap my head around. The group shared advice for the leading lady of the season opener which Suzie was NOT buying into.  The unusual advice from Tami, I wasn’t buying either.  We’ve learned of Ocho’s cheating (which we’ve pretty much already knew) as the ladies continued to be an ear for Ev.  And just like that, the episode comes to an end with no debut from BBW’s latest addition, Latasha Marbury— wife of Stephon Marbury.

Vixens, will you be tuned in to see what Marbury brings to the show?