‘Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman Dishes on New Attitude, “The Show Really Serves As A Mirror”

Tami RomanVIBE VIXEN: Basketball Wives is returning for its fifth season. Could you tell us what we could expect to see from Tami?

TAMI ROMAN: The show really serves as a mirror for me. Some people love my reaction to things but I think that everybody should grow and mature and progress. So they may not see some of the things that they’re use to, but I’m still human. You don’t change overnight [Laughs]. I’m working on it. But, I’m still growing, learning and evolving. And I think that people are going to see a much different Tami and how I deal with people and how I handle certain situations.

Obviously everything can’t fit into one episode, let alone a season. As a result the fans perceive you based on what they see. What’s the side of you the viewers don’t get to see that you would rather they see?

You never see me going to church on Basketball Wives and I’m there quite often. Me with more interaction with my daughters. I’m really a hands on mother. But, you know, because the show is revolved more around the ladies, you really don’t get to see much of that and all that I do with my daughters. You don’t get to see my charities that I’m involved with. You don’t get to see my business ventures. I think this is actually the first season that they’ve allowed me to actually delve into showing the world some of the ventures I’m involved with. The other ladies have shown that side of themselves—this is gonna be the first time that they’ll see it from me.