‘Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman Dishes on New Attitude, “The Show Really Serves As A Mirror”

Tami Roman & Shaunie O'NealDo watch the show at home?

I watch the show at home. I don’t see anything until everybody else sees it. [Laughter] I’m, most of the time, just as shocked as you are.

What exactly do you think when you see yourself? Do you say ‘Maybe I am a little bitch sometimes?’

In all fairness, I think every woman has a little bitch in them sometimes. And if we put a camera on anybody’s life, we’ve all had that one moment where it’s like ‘Oh, okay. I really did that there.’ You know? So, I’m no different. It’s just that I have that camera there. So for me, last season in particular, was a little difficult because they took a moment that was maybe 30 minutes long and stretched it over three weeks. So it really had this impact that I was just driving, driving, driving and it really took thirty minutes to have that whole altercation.

It seems Ms. Shaunie has a new attitude going into the fifth season.


What is that like to see Shaunie be more verbal with her feelings? Do the two of you clash?

I think it’s good for Shaunie to step up and speak on how she feels about certain things. I’ve just always been a person that I say what I need to say to the person. And I just love that there are some many behind the back gangstas and behind the back speeches being made that I was never privy to. So I’m just as surprised as everyone else when I watched this trailer and I see all of these things because when I had a conversation with her I heard none of that. So to answer your question [Laughs], I’m not going to confirm or deny because I don’t wanna take it away for what’s coming this season.

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