‘Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman Dishes on New Attitude, “The Show Really Serves As A Mirror”

Tami Roman Belle's promoLet’s get to know Tami outside of TV, What do you do in your free time when you’re not filming the show?

Most of the time, I don’t have free time. I have two daughters one’s in college, the other’s a senior this year. So I’m always at basketball games or a parent teacher conference. I try to spend time with my daughters as much as I can. Outside of that I got TR ‘Love’ cosmetics which is my lip gloss and nail polish line, and that’s doing very well—it will be in Walgreen’s this fall. So that has really taken a lot of my time. I’m excited about that because you start these ventures and you just hope people support you. I got the TR jewelry collection with a company called BFoxy.com so I’m always promoting that. I’ve got NV Clinical which I’m a national spokesperson for them. In all of that, I have no dating life. So if you can include for me that I would just like to date sometimes [laughter] ‘cause the toys are getting and old and I would just like a human touch.

You’ve been getting back into acting recently. How was it for you to get back to a scripted series as opposed to unscripted reality TV?

It was a breath of fresh air because that’s what I was doing for 14 years before even going on to Basketball Wives. And if my original show—which is called “Moonlight” which was on CBS — had not got canceled I probably would not have been on Basketball Wives to this day. You get your lines, you’re working with seasoned actors; Elise Neal, Ella Joyce, Keith Davis, Miguel and we show up and it was really, really a family atmosphere.  So the difference was showing up and actually being able to like the people that you work with rather than the type of show being one where they really would prefer distinction.

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(Photo Credit: TV One)