Best Of All Time? 10 Crazy Celeb Compliments

As this year’s MTV Video Music Awards crawls nearer, it’s hard not to flash back to the moment Kanye West—and his outlandish praise for Beyoncé’s “best video of all time”—became the subject of a never-ending pull quote. While the act was priceless, the comment was highly debatable. Like Ye, celebs make bold claims like this often enough. While some may get a rebuttal, others get swept under the digital rug and forgotten.

We’ve rounded up some of the craziest superiority claims made in recent history and weighed in on their truth factors.

Jay-Z on Drake

Quote: “[Drake’s] definitely the one that’s reared his head as the guy. He’s definitely Kobe Bryant.”
Year: 2013
Do We Believe It? During an interview with Elliott Wilson, Jay Z was asked if he thought Drake was his competition in the new school. The Kobe of Rap is a pretty nifty title to receive from someone with ethereal levels of success and his his own suggested “best of all time” standing. While the most visible link between Drake and Kobe involves shootin’ in the gym, in terms of influence, rate of ascension and popularity, the parallels are indeed there. They also share the hate-love factor: no matter how much you may hate Drake’s delicate tendencies or Kobe’s on-court type A personality, you can’t deny that they’re not damn great at what they do.