Chief Keef Ordered To Cough Up $230K To Concert Promoter

In yet another lawsuit gone ignored, 17-year-old rapper Chief Keef is tangled in more money matters after the court has ordered him to forward more than $230,000 to a concert promoter he allegedly stiffed.

According to TMZ, Sosa was sued by concert promotion company Team Major in March after running out on a London gig set for December 29 last year. They claim that the no-show cost them over $75,000 including his advance.

Keef decided to sit out the suit for four months and now a judge ruling in Team Major’s defense has ordered him to cash out $230,019 for “damages, loss of earnings, and reputational harm.”

While the Bricksquad recruit reportedly bags $13K a month, he’s already skipped out on monthly payments of $2,600 to his baby mother for child support. Back in May, the gossip site reported he still owed $10,400 in unpaid support.

Yet with all the dead presidents he flaunts on Instagram, it seems like more money, more problems for this kid.

Photo Credit: Getty

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