Ciara Spills Her VMA Beauty Secrets


We can’t wait to join the collective chorus of oohs and ahhs during the celebrity paparazzi parade at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday. While there have been plenty of hits and misses from our favorite celebrity vixens over the years, Ciara recently revealed to what she does to prepare for crimson carpet.

On how she prepares for a big awards show:
“When I’m getting ready, I have a whole routine. The night before, I give my face a good wash with a foaming cleanser. I use a cleanser from my doctor, Dr. Sebena Toor. Then I apply my eye cream, which is by Dr. Toor as well. Next, I use this face cream called Formula 13 that my other doctor, Dr. Yune, created. You use it on your dark marks if you have any. And then I moisturize my face with a tinted moisturizer. I use Revision with SPF 45. Then in the morning when I wake up, I do another face wash. I have to mention that after I wash my face in the morning, I immediately make sure to put on my Degree deodorant. I have to say it. When my glam team finally comes over, I start us off by playing some music. And of course, the day of a big event, the team has to make sure we do a shave check to make sure there are no stray hairs anywhere and everything is clear. First, my makeup artist does my makeup, and then it’s my hairstylist’s turn. Over the years we’ve developed a system of one person going at a time so no one gets in each other’s way. And before we put on the look that I’m wearing, I have to triple check to make sure I have my deodorant on, and sometimes I’ll refresh it if I need to. Then we put on the dress and everyone checks everything from head to toe to cross our Ts and dot our Is.”

On how much she’s involved with her look for the evening:
“I sometimes have a vision and my stylists have their vision, but it somehow all comes together. I just had my fitting for the VMAs today, so I know exactly what I’m wearing. I actually knew what I was going to wear before the dress came in, and thank God this dress fits perfectly, so it’ll actually work out. But we had already been looking at the picture of the dress beforehand to think about how we were going to do my hair. We’ve already been brainstorming a bit about it. When the dress finally came, I took a picture of it at the fitting, then I sent the picture to my team so they could look at it and think in advance of ideas. Then we’ll get together and we’ll all discuss our thoughts and put our ideas out there on the table. In the end, it always works out. But it’s certainly a team effort.”

One red carpet moment that really sticks out in her mind:
“There was this dress I wore from Givenchy at the Givenchy Celebrates Marina Abramovic MOMA Exhibit. It was a black dress with sheer arms. I loved that moment with the smokey makeup and the slicked hair with the deep side part.”

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