Ciara Spills Her VMA Beauty Secrets


What does Ciara want to try out next:
“There’s this temporary spray-on hair color that’s really pigmented that you can use to match your clothes. So let’s say if you had on a charcoal gray men’s pantsuit, you could actually put some charcoal gray in your hair. But it doesn’t look like you have graying hair—it’s a gray color that will actually match your outfit. I’d tip the ends of my hair with those rich colors. I don’t believe in bright, cheesy colors that are applied from roots to tips. I’m not really into that. But I love the more fashion-y way of adding color to your hair methodically. I think that has a cooler vibe. I would do it in an ombre. I’d go from a platinum at the top that gradated to a gray and finished with a black on the tips. I think that would be totally rock n’ roll. I’m also looking forward to maybe doing a bang. I haven’t done bangs in so long. But now I would do my bangs way differently than I did them back in the day. I’d do them the Euro way now, where they’re not too heavy, you kind of let them flow, they have a nice wave, and they have some dark color at the roots. I’d still want a dark root because it gives your hair attitude.”

What she has stashed in her clutch when on a red carpet:
“You have to have whatever lip product you’re wearing for the night. You need a powder puff in case you get oily. You need a small paddle brush or comb to maintain your hair just in case you need to touch it up quickly. You need a small mirror. I’m such a tomboy, though, that I always forget a mirror. I’m always just looking in my driver’s mirror. And lastly, you have to have your Degree deodorant on backup. I live by this.”

What we may see on the VMAs:
“I usually don’t get overly excited, but this is a dress I’ve wanted to wear for forever. My eyes got watery when I tried it on! I won’t say who it’s by, but let’s just say it’s “bling bling!””

—Kandice Lawson



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