Confessions of a MAC Shopper

MAC is making the transition from Summer to Fall easy with the preview of their latest collection, and for as a girl who recently learned how to properly apply concealer and foundation—attending the walk-in event was fun and informative. Once sitting in the chair I had a choice of sampling eye shadow, lip or blush. Deciding on my eyes, my makeup artist Tim chose three bold colors, eyeliner, an eyebrow pencil and an accompanying nude lip to complete the nighttime look.

Tim was incredibly helpful in teaching this novice makeup user the ins and outs of perfecting a bold smoky eye. He was sure to explain each step starting with the uses of primer to deepen the lightest color applied (Three Ring Yellow) to the lid which was followed by the darker color (Eat Love) along the creases and finished with the application of the darkest color (Deep Cravings) just at the outer crease and under eye. He then showed me how easy it is to apply a wing shaped line after the shadow with their gel eyeliner. The importance of their Z66 angle brush made all the difference as it is already shaped in the wing and makes smooth, clean lines.

After showing me how stunning my eyes looked, he introduced the Spiked eyebrow pencil. I was skeptical considering I already have thick eyebrows and hate the penciled on look. He showed that an eyebrow pencil can be subtle and make my brows look as if they were threaded that day without much effort.

To give me a complete look ready to hit the club or a lavish dinner party, Tim applied a plum lip liner followed by By Design lipstick and Liquer lipgloss for shimmer. He was sure to explain that a nude lipstick is perfect to tie in a look especially when utilizing bold colors.

With each application of makeup, Tim encouraged me to look in the mirror and mimic what he did so I could get a feel for doing it myself. I would suggest any Vixen head over to MAC to sample some of their newest additions and a get a free makeup tutorial in the process. Enjoy! – Alley Olivier

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