Dirty Dutch Master Chuckie Reveals Top 5 Rap-Electro Hybrid Tracks

Chuckie Invites Waka Flocka Flame To A Dirty Dutch Exodus And VIBE Bash During Winter Music Conference 2013 At Club Story Chuckie’s latest single with Lupe Fiasco “Makin’ Papers” (out now via Big Beat), epitomizes the breaking of genre barriers. VIBE had to get into the mind of the Dirty Dutch Don – born – born Clyde Sergio Narain – once again. Only this time, we probed to see where he looks and listens for inspiration, which often translate to Chuckie’s own high octane style. DJ Chuckie has curated his top five favorite hip-hop/electronic hybrid tracks that are always on rotation in the producer’s playlist. Read and listen below to receive a true tastemaker’s testament on what tracks make the Dirty Dutch kingpin fist-nod (combination of head-nodding and fist pumping): 1. Kid Cudi – ‘Day N’ Night (Crookers Remix)’ “Amazing example of a remix that gets released with an official video. This song got mainstream attention after this remix! I still love this record a lot!” 2. A$AP Rocky ft. Skrillex – ‘Wild For The Night’ “I really like how this record worked out. Skrillex’ crazy beats with A$AP’s talent combined is a winner for sure.” 3. Daft Punk Ft. Pharrell Williams – ‘Get Lucky’ “I love how hip-hop and electronic music got together and made a disco banger. I can only imagine the big shoes Pharrell had to fill for this song! Probably the most aired song of this year. It’s an instant classic!” 4. Ferry Corsten Ft. Guru – ‘Junk’ “First time I heard this record and saw the video I was really amazed! My Dutch fellow [Corsten] teamed up with the late Guru and made something beautiful like this! I”m still in love with this record, no doubt.” 5. Jungle Brothers – ‘I’ll House You’ “One of my all time favorite hip-house records! Crazy how the Jungle Brothers made this banger back in 1989. I think this was the first hip-house record outside the Chicago scene. Video is awesome.”
Jungle Brothers – I'll House You by hushhush112 Photo Credit: Andrew Rauner/ AJRphotography