Exclusive: Dance Music’s Arty Talks Will.i.Am Beef, Working With Armin van Buuren

I hope he [Will.i.Am] enjoys my new single. But only for him to listen to. – Arty

There’s no shortage of young talent clawing scratching their way wishfully into the EDM biz. However, fast-rising DJ-producer-turned mega star, Arty, sticks out in a vast pile of wannabes. The Russia-born, Artyom Stolyarov – who is just 23 year old – has already been on the DJ Top 100 list three times, and chopped it up in the studio with royalty spinners Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk. He’s even gotten into a little industry beef (a DJ’s first public beef is a big deal and you know it) with Will.i.Am who “borrowed” beats from Arty and fellow jockey, Mat Zo sans permission. VIBE got the lowdown from Arty on DJ Mag’s Top 100, working with van Buuren and what lies ahead for the festival rocking wunderkind.

VIBE: You’ve been referred to as a progressive house prodigy. How far has your sound and style come since you were 19 and where do you see it going in the future?
Arty: It’s always flattering to be described in such a way, especially when I was getting it at such a young age – it’s crazy to hear it still. Since that time though, my sound has developed into a more fully formed production – I feel like my progressions are a bit more refined and the harmonies all work well with the top lines of my great vocalists like Fiora and Chris James. When I was a kid messing with a mixing desk though, I focused a lot on melodies and that’s something I’m looking to get back into. “Grand Finale,” my track that has just been released on MoS, is kind of me getting back to that feeling I had when I was just starting to create music. It’s nice, it feels nostalgic.

Last time you spoke with VIBE, you had just moved to NYC? What are your favorite things to do in the Big Apple?
Ah, the list is endless! I love New York so much. My favorite club has to be Pacha – always such a good energy. But when I’m not playing shows I love checking out new places to eat. I want to try meals everywhere.

Have you made amends with Will.i.Am?
Haha! I don’t know about that…but it’s in the past now. If he’s a fan…I hope he enjoys my new single. But only for him to listen to.

Appearing in the DJ Mag’s top 100 when you’re 20, and again in 2011 and 2012, then landing in the top 30 is a huge accomplishment. Does is it make you feel pressured? Happy?
Pressure, maybe. Proud – definitely. It’s always that badge of honor, but I don’t like to get swept up in all the craziness surrounding it. If you like my music then vote, if you don’t – vote for the people who make the music you do like. That’s why I don’t feel the pressure exactly.

What was it like working with the recurring winner of the Number 1 DJ spot, Armin Van Buuren?
Always a pleasure. He is an amazing man and a great producer so I got to learn a lot from him. The track we did, “Nehalennia,” was a very proud moment for me. I felt some serious pressure on that one though. Armin said he wanted the track the next morning just before I was playing in London… so I quickly got my laptop out and added the finishing touches before heading on to Ministry. Thank the lord he liked it!

Along with Armin, you’ve produced with Mat Zo, Paul Van Dyk, just to name a couple. Who are you dying to produce with the most? Why?
Maybe Porter Robinson at the moment…he is an amazing producer and a good friend. He’s ahead of the game in my opinion; just sit tight and you’ll see what he’s going to bring to the dance world.

How did your radio show, ‘Together We Are’ come about?
I always wanted to do it, to show off new talent and the tracks I’m into at the moment. So I got chatting with Sirius who were interested in doing it with me and it sparked from there. It’s been going for a year now and I’m so pleased with it.

Describe your sound at this very moment in THREE WORDS:

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