Flashback Friday: Rudimental At Rose Bar In NYC (Photos)


Jazz, hip-hop and electronic genres all came together under one roof at the Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar in celebration of the U.S. premiere of electro quartet Rudimental’s latest album, Home. Founding members Kesi Dryden, Amir Amor and Piers Agget were all present at the event for an exclusive performance, along with some new faces, that brought a packed room into an applauding uproar after playing/previewing material from new album. Already chart toppers in their native country across the pond (aka the U.K.), it will only be a matter of time before these four gents will be conquering U.S. charts (and airwaves) as well. ->

Home is now available on iTunes.

Photo credit: Image by Rose Bar Sessions | Photography by BFA