Florian Picasso Talks Daft Punk, Plus Stream Tegan & Sara “Closer” Remix

Rising DJ-producer Florian Picasso talks to VIBE about fellow Frenchmen Daft Punk, travel essentials and living up to the Picasso name. Read following the stream of Picasso’s remix of Tegan & Sara’s “Closer” below:

VIBE: Tell us how the collab with Tegan & Sara come about?
Florian Picasso: I just had a simple request from warner and I got hooked from the first minute of the original track! Nothing to say really, I am very picky regarding collabs or remixes but that vocal from the twins was so dope that it was hard to refuse.

Is being a Picasso a blessing or curse?
Being a Picasso is double edged thing. It can unlock some big doors and it’s a name everyone already knows about but on the other side it’s a name people expect great things about, and that’s why I’ve been working so hard in studio the last years. I mean there is no shame for me to use that name as long as it’s in the right way: I’m the new generation of Picasso!

What drew you to dance music and the DJ culture?
I’ve always been into music. Actually, it’s silly, but I just wanted to be like the cool guy surrounded by his buddies (and some girls) in the movie clips. Then dance music just came along with the age… I went to nightclubs a lot, then start spinning records with some friends and it quickly became more than just a game.

Any plans to link up with fellow Frenchmen like Daft Punk or Laurent Garnier?
I want to make my own imprint in the game! No offense but I think its time for the new generation to take over! I just want to link up with the French pioneers for a good chat about their vision of dance music and how it evolved like talking to your grandfather about how things have changed.

What’s your perception of the US dance scene?
I see the US dance scene growing so fast it just blew up suddenly! DJs are rockstars in the US. The treatment you receive from fans and promoters as an artist just incite you to play there more and more.

Name some artists you think we should know about and why.
Yoann Feynman x Monomotion, Merk and Kremont because of our friendship and their sound! Both of these duets will surprise everybody in their own ways, just keep an eye on them.

Three things you can’t travel without?
Money, cash, credit card 🙂

Tell us about your year so far. (releases, gigs, stories, interesting meetings?)
This year is a studio year so far! From playing a couple of shows in Miami to releasing a few tracks and getting supports from A-trak, David Guetta, Tiesto, Laidback Luke and mores to getting a new car and become brazilian jiu jitsu Swiss champion, I still spent most of my time in studio putting stuff together…

And what about your plans for the future?
Releasing a couple of DJ tracks. Working on my first album which is such a big challenge. Gonna be something unexpectable, thousand years ahead of the current shits.