Free Download: Storyteller AX Drops ‘On My Way Out’

Puerto Rican born, South Bronx buttered AX is a rapper’s rapper. He’s picked up street cred and hype throughout the years, namely from Fat Joe and Eminem. Now, AX is looking to rise from the underground and break through to the mainstream with this new, longtime-coming release that exhibits his lyrical prowess and distinctive style. His raw skill earned him a 7-0 undefeated winning streak in the classic Fight Klub rap battles, until he ultimately lost the 50k cash prize to Professor Green. Falling back from the rap spotlight, AX, born Axell Leon, decided to focus on his kids and personal life while he put his music career on hold. Urged by his longtime friend Travie McCoy, and certain motivating circumstances in his life that are specific to his block and his family, AX is ready to re-enter the rap game to tell his story of life, death, and hip hop culture.