‘The Game’ Star Brandy Performs To An Empty Stadium In South Africa

The Internets can be such a savage place for foolery. How, you ask? All it takes is one look at OkayAfrica’s timeline to see just how one tweet can launch a thousand ships.

According to the website, reports on Twitter this past weekend found Brandy falling prey to the Twitterazzi. On Saturday (8/17), the singer-actress flew to Soweto to perform music at their Soccer City to a crowd of 40 people — which meant she was entertaining a bunch of chairs. 90,000 to be blunt.

After belting out two of her familiar hits, The Game star walked off the stage, understandably embarrassed about the situation (15 hours + is no joke) and fed up about it all. South African musician Kabomo was one of the first to relay the play-by-play through social media, tweeting, “lol. I have no words for what I have just witnessed. Brandy [just] performed to an empty stadium. With the stadium lights on.” The day didn’t start out all that bad, as tens of thousands of people had arrived to the stadium for the Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day. Brandy, billed as a “surprise guest,” was not announced to the festivalgoers and had no idea that she was in attendance.

Sets by D’Banj, Elvis Blue, Salif Keita and David Jenkins didn’t do much to keep the crowd entertained, as they began to trickle out during their performances. And, a number of attendees complained about the poor staging, production and sound of the entire event. “They disrespected and frustrated us as fans,” one concertgoer chimed. “Sound quality, production and structure of the concert were questionable.” To make matters worst, SABC, the national TV channel, cut their broadcast of the concert short before Brandy had even took the stage to perform. By the end of it all, one tweet announced the failure, writing, “Brandy [was] performing for the chairs!”

Neither Brandy nor the concert promoters have shared their thoughts on the gig. But, it may be awhile before the talented crooner steps foot on that part of the Motherland’s soil.

Props: OkayAfrica