Gentleman’s Corner: Hit The Floor’s McKinley Freeman Gives Fitness Advice and Explains How He Maintains His Rock Hard Abs

shirtless mckinley freeman

Which food slows you down?
The things that you want to avoid are things that are high in sodium. Learn how to read the labels because the labels can be misleading.

Isn’t that time consuming?
So is learning how to write until you get it down and then it just becomes apart of what you do.  When you pick up something look on the side, if it says 20g of sodium in a bag, but if you look at servings per container. That’s something you have to be mindful of. Avoid excuse sugars if you can. And if you’re going to have bread, choose the ones with more natural grains or aren’t as processed as the other ones. It’s baby steps. Identify what you think you can improve on and focus on that. Once that becomes a habit you can focus on other things.

What is your take on drinking alcohol?
I don’t drink alcohol so it doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t really know too much about that. If it’s apart of what you do, it’s okay in moderation. It’s important to recognize that if your drinking a beer and it’s equivalent to having as much calories as a loaf of bread—you don’t want to make sacrifices on one end and nullify the sacrifices on the other. If you’re a person that drinks alcohol try the light version of that for a while and give yourself the best chances to succeed.

Last time we spoke you said dieting is a mindset, you have to change your mind before you change your diet. Can you comment on that?
There’s a misconception that where you are isn’t a good starting point. You have to give yourself the grace to be human. There’s no better place to start than where we stand at this moment. Don’t look back, focus forward and work on the things we can change. It’s identifying something you want to improve and you’re proactively finding ways to get there. That’s the type of mindset that will not only help you in working out but will spill over into other areas in your life. I’m telling you once I grasped that it began to spill out to other parts of my life through an early age.

What’s your daily workout?
It depends. I just make it up as I go. My body type is if I lift all these heavy weights I’ll get big real quick. So If I do weights I’ll try to do a whole body workout. Kettle bells, something’s that involve your core and that’s a lot of compound movements that focus on specific body parts in a specific workout. I try to focus on that and do other things in the gym like balance balls and doing weights on top of those just to kind of gauge any muscle possible in a specific exercise.