Gentleman’s Corner: Hit The Floor’s McKinley Freeman Gives Fitness Advice and Explains How He Maintains His Rock Hard Abs

mckinley freeman

What are simple exercises that will tone a woman’s body?
Cardio is the most important thing. Cardio is pretty much like a time machine for your body—it helps erase some of the things in the past you don’t want to talk about or we’re no longer paying attention to. After cardio, do higher reps don’t pick up a bunch of weights. If you’re going to do crunches do 4 sets of 25 with no weights. Do scissor kicks 4 sets of 25; 13 on 1 leg 12 on another. Jump squats—you can do all of these things at home. I know people have work, they have family, etc and you might not have time to drive to the gym so this is a thing you can do at home while your kids are sleeping—while your watching Hit The Floor. Jump squats (with no weights) from a standing position you squat like you’re in a sitting position and you jump straight up and then land and you do the same thing. You do 4 sets of 15. Don’t do the sets straight through, take a minute break and do it again. That will be enough to do if your trying to get your feet wet and get active.

Which are the absolute worst diets for women?
I’m not a professional dietician but one of the more dangerous things is not eating. That’s not good at all. You’re body needs food that fuels your body throughout the day, whether it be work or whatever the case maybe. That’s really the big one. Instead of not eating focus on eating the right tings, you’ll get better results that way. If you find yourself not eating and working out, you wont have energy to workout. The deeper things, there’s a mentality that has to change and that is eating a bunch in the morning and not eating during the day, it just doesn’t make any sense.

What are ways to get motivated to work out?
You have a specific thing to workout for. If you have a wedding, vacation, meeting in-laws for the first times, those are the types of things most people want to look good for. But, it can be anything like wanting to watch your kids grow up. There’s motivation in our lives for all kinds of things, it’s just a matter of reminding yourself why those things are important to you and making those changes that provide the motivation so that you can get to where you want to be.

How do you stay motivated?
The motivation is there so the great thing is as you see the progress you’ll keep going. Maybe you’re not in it 24/7 maybe its just 3 days a week or something you can do at home if you don’t feel like going to the gym.

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