Gentleman’s Corner: Mehcad Brooks Talks Role on ‘Necessary Roughness’ and Explains What He likes in a Woman

Mehcad Brooks

Mehcad Brooks is the ultimate catch, he’s handsome, extremely talented, cares of his body, and has a great sense of humor. Our 25 under 35 actor has come a long way from $300 and a dream to major roles on hit TV shows like Desperate Housewives, The Game, and his current gig, Necessary Roughness.

The former Calvin Klein model has dreams of working with the gorgeous Meagan Good on movies. “She’s phenomenal, beautiful, very talented actress, underrated, and I’m very glad she’s finally getting some of the things she deserves,” he says.

Vixen had the pleasure of picking his brain to find out everything about Mr. Brooks and let us say he left plenty for our imagination: “I don’t like wearing clothes that much in real life”

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VIBE Vixen: How have you grown to relate (or not relate) to your character?
When I started playing the character we couldn’t be more opposite. As time went on and he grew and progressed, he became a lot more like me. He and I are still different but as he lets a lot of the anger and petty stuff go; he’s actually somebody I’d hang out with—this last season but not the first one.

Your father played professional football, is playing football his favorite role of yours?
[He gives me] a lot of unwarranted advice too because a lot has changed since 1979. He has a lot of friends from the NFL that tell him “your son is just like you, he talks shit just like you”.

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