Gentlemen’s Corner: Beyoncé’s Choreographer Chris Grant on Pepsi’s ‘Dance for a Chance’ and Why Bey Reminds him of Michael Jackson

As a self-proclaimed Beyoncé fan, I can only imagine what it’s like to work alongside such greatness. In her 10 plus year solo career, the living legend has presented a plethora of dance moments. Whether it be the “Uh Oh” booty bounce, “Single Ladies” routine or “Get Me Bodied” breakdown, Bey’s hips have swiveled their way into pop culture history and thanks to choreographers like Chris Grant, the legacy is sure to continue.

As Frank Gatson’s trusty assistant, the Making the Band alum is responsible for many of King Bey’s dance routines including “End of Time” and “Love on Top.” Most recently, he joined forces with Pepsi to choreograph the soda brand’s “Dance for a Chance” superfan video. The eight lucky fans were chosen from thousands to not only work with Grant on fierce choreography, but meet Mrs. Carter herself at her Barclays Center tour stop.

Shortly after the video’s premiere, we talked with Grant about his dance inspirations and why he coins Beyoncé the “female Michael Jackson.”