Gentlemen’s Corner: Beyoncé’s Choreographer Chris Grant on Pepsi’s ‘Dance for a Chance’ and Why Bey Reminds him of Michael Jackson

Chris GrantBesides Michael, who are your dance inspirations?
Janet Jackson of course. I just like the tightness and structure that she has. James Brown, Fred Astaire- those are really my top, top picks.

Is there a type of dance you haven’t tried yet?
It would have to be tap. I went to a dance school in middle school and it had jazz and ballet and everything. I didn’t like it. I didn’t understand it, but my mom said to stick with it and that I would appreciate it when I get older…and she was right. I wish I would’ve stuck at it a little bit more. I was just stuck on the fact that we were wearing tights (laughs).

How much input does Beyoncé have when it comes to her choreography?
She has a lot of input (laughs). I’ve been working with her for awhile now and she likes to change things up. She loves to be hood, but then she wants to be sexy, and then she wants to make sure it’s not too sexy. She wants the audience to enjoy and want to do the movement. She reminds me so much of Michael Jackson it’s crazy. I call her the female MJ because she knows what she wants and I feel like that’s so important. She knows her body and what looks right on her, but that doesn’t stop her from trying. Sometimes she doesn’t even know that she’s doing it and it looks good. She might feel crazy, but we’ll tell her, “no, you look amazing!” She’ll work at it and next thing you know, she’s changing it and making it fit however she wants it to fit. She’s very educated when it comes to entertainment. She will watch those tapes after she performs and fix whatever she needs to fix. She knows her brand.

When it comes to your choreography for her, which ones are your favorite?
The ones I enjoy most are “End of Time” and “Love on Top.” I enjoyed those two because “End of Time,” it just feels a lot like Michael and it’s a lot of stomping. It’s high energy, but easy movement. It just feels good. “Love on Top” is another feel good song, but it’s more back in the day- the type of style we miss. Like the New Edition and it has a bit of the Jackson Five- a lot of old boy band groups. We just had a ball making up the steps and trying to get that feeling back.

Are you still pursuing your own music career?
I honestly just started getting back into it. I’ve been focusing more on the choreography because it’s been going so well. Now, I’ve definitely been picking up a lot of voice lessons and getting back into music. I have good friends like Elijah Blake and Luke James and they inspire me to get back into the music, so that’s definitely something I want to do.

Watch the winners dance for a chance below: