Goodie Mob Discusses Their Reunion, New Album And More With The Breakfast Club

Power 105’s Breakfast Club trio sat down with Goodie Mob this morning to discuss the legendary group’s comeback and upcoming album Age Against The Machine, due August 27. Cee-Lo Green, Khujo, Big Gipp and T-Mo first set the record straight on their split. “The label didn’t respect our music anymore and you know Goodie mob, we like to uplift the culture,” Khujo explained. They also chopped it up about Cee-Lo’s solo career and the message today’s hip-hop is sending. “They aren’t getting anything from it,” Big Gipp said. “One thing about the music that’s going on right now is that it’s all microwaveable, you won’t remember a lot of these guys in five years.” Check out the entire interview above.