Grow Your Lashes with Latisse’s ‘iLash Studio App’

If there’s one thing we wish we had more of, it’s eyelashes. Not only do they give eyes that extra “pop”- they offer our faces that feminine touch. Fortunately, Latisse is here to help the ladies who lack the length we all crave. As the only known product to naturally grow fuller lashes, the prescription medicine treats hyptrichosis- another word for not-so-long lashes.

Today, in an effort to spread the word about their miracle formula, the beauty fixer upper unveiled the “iLash Studio App”, which allows gals everywhere to preview what their eyelashes would look like after 16 weeks of treatment. Vixens can even share their photo results on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

The iLash App is free and available to all iPhone and iPad users. Are you going to try?

Photo Credit: Styleblazer


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