Grungy Gentleman Collaborates With Cotton Citizen For Luxury Sweatpants Line

Streetwear continues to flirt with high end fashion in the latest collaborative collection presented by Grungy Gentleman and Cotton Citizen. The luxury sweatpant line looks to transcend boundaries by defying seasons, genders and corporate culture.

Jace Lipstein, 28, a lead designer/editor for Grungy Gentleman recently explained to VIBE the multiple functions the joint collection offers.

“It’s not like you have to be in your living room to wear sweats anymore, you can wear them out,” he explains comfortably from his Vegas hotel. “Yes, you can wear them with a t-shirt or hoody,obviously. But you can also wear them with a button down or a blazer. Dress it up—dress it down.”

Lipstein also admits that the rise in demand for female products, has led the brand to create more clothes in sizes that work for them. Eleven of the models in their chic lookbook are ladies. The visual display of the upcoming apparel pairs Grungy Gentleman’s forthcoming collection with previous ones, such as their HSTRY line done in conjunction with Nas.

“Cotton Citizen has the same melody as the HSTRY line,” Lipstein says. “The most important thing I value as far as menswear, is being comfortable. I believe this [collection] allows you to be quite fresh, quite comfortable at the same time, that’s what we want to achieve.”

The Grungy Gentleman – Cotton Citizen collection will be available via Grungy Gentleman’s online store Sept. 6. Look out for several additional collaborative installments between the brand’s, offering different fabrics in months to come.