Homegrown: Casey Veggies (Part 1)

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Fresh from completing his PNCXX tour with Travis $cott, Casey Veggies sits down with STASHED TV for the second episode of the original series, Homegrown. In the first part of the sit-down with the Customized Greatly rapper, Veggies speaks about growing in up Inglewood, California and how his surroundings shaped him as an artist.

“I remember one of my first raps, I was at school with the homies and I was telling them that I rap and stuff, and I remember that I spit it and they had just started laughing at me,” Casey recalls. “The flow I spit, I remember one of the lines was like ‘these dudes kick flows, but they need to learn karate…’ that was the line I said and I remember they started laughing. I was like, man. I got to go back to the drawing board