Industry EDM: Cavo Paradiso’s Stathis Lazarides Tips And Tales Of Clubbing

Stathis Lazarides has the musical ethos and the mentality of an artist who finds it impossible to compromise with trends and to specify genres when in the studio or at the DJ booth. Music has been his foremost priority for many a year and the concept of sitting down to compose in his studio without a specific plan, mainly working on impulse, is for him the building block of underground music.

As head promoter of Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos, Greece. Cavo Paradiso has been ranked one of the top 10 clubs in the world easily rivaling any club in Ibiza, Las Vegas, Miami or New York. Stathis is the driving force behind booking the top DJ’s (Tiësto, Richie Hawtin, name the DJ) in the world at Cavo. From electronic dance music music fans with glow sticks on the main floor, to Princes in the VIP area and celebs buzzing like celebutante bees, lots of clubbers call Cavo Paradiso home come summertime. Check out Lazarides’ tips and tales to the nightlife industry.

VIBE: Describe your role at Cavo.
Stathis Lazarides: I’m a soldier for Cavo. I do what needs to be done whether it be for Marketing, hospitality or production. I’m also a resident DJ at Cavo.

How/where did you get started as a promoter?
First gig was with Louie Vega in 1995. He booked the wrong place for Louie. Louie manage to do ok

Three must-have survival tips for this business:
1.) Learn how to deal with stress.

2.) Be creative- don’t follow others.

3.) Never think that you know it all. (Maintain humility)

What are common mistakes made by promoters, club owners, DJs when they first get started?
DJs get blinded by the spotlight and lose focus. Focus is #1 for a professional DJ. DJ’s don’t properly prepare for their audience. They need to know their play list.

Which DJ surprised the hell out of you?
Richie Hawtin in 2004, his first time at Cavo. He played instrumental sounds I had never heard before and the crowd loved it.

Who inspired you early on and does anyone inspire you now?
Louie Vega. I named my son after him.

Qualifiers to get into Cavo VIP?
I sense the person’s aura just like a metal detector. Bad aura, stays behind the rope.

Where is your favorite city to party?

How do you tell a talented DJ who has lost his or her way to get it together?
Sit them down and tell them. I told one DJ after his set, ‘It was rubbish.’ The DJ started crying. We both ended up going out for a drink and both ended up crying. The DJ is still working.

Does bottle service ruin nightlife?
150 percent, YES.