Interview: Josh Duhamel Glows About Fergie’s Pregnancy, ‘Scenic Route’ And Wars With Friends

With his blossoming wife due any day now, actor Josh Duhamel sat down with us to talk about his latest film, supporting Fergie, and past brouhahas with friends. The very pregnant Fergs and her husband caused quite a clamor during the Hollywood premiere of Scenic Route, which stars Duhamel as a dark and twisted character. Playing Mitchell, Duhamel’s character finds himself in a tension-filled situation with his lifelong friend Carter when their truck breaks down on an isolated desert road. Dan Fogler, who many will recall from Balls of Fury, plays the close comrade who begins to attack his friend’s life decisions with unwavering brutality. There’s even a scene where the former Transformer action hero disses his pregnant wife, but in real life, Duhamel’s love for his lady’s lumps is electric. At the Chinese 6 Theater in Hollywood, the 40-year-old actor told The Huffington Post that even though his “dark and twisted” character feels that his wife is unattractive, he thinks Fergie has “never been more beautiful.” “It’s the one thing that I sort of opposed in the script and I tried to get it cut out,” Duhamel said. The film opens in limited release Friday. We were able to get a few minutes of Josh Duhamel’s time prior to the film’s premiere. In our chat, he shares his feelings about his wife’s pregnancy, playing a dark and twisted character, and on friends who make eyes with his sister.

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