Interview: Justine Skye Talks 'Everyday Living' EP, Repping Brooklyn And Style

Justine Skye is living out her dreams everyday. The 17-year-old Brooklyn songstress serves up a retro-futuristic sound infusing classic 90s R&B with trippy head-nodding beats reminiscent of the days of Brandy and Aaliyah. Sure, the beautiful singer/songwriter is not of legal age yet, but her level of maturity speaks volumes.

On her debut EP Everyday Living, which dropped today, she teams up with producers Eric Hudson and August Rico (who has worked Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, Sean Kingston), she channels her talent with the pen and voice harmoniously. Whether navigating the ups and downs of life in her hit "Everyday Living" or professes her love for her significant other in "Messin' With You" featuring Joey Bada$$, Skye sings that real talk. Here, the pretty girl with purple curls sits down with VIBE to discuss her new music, style and who's she looking forward to collaborate with in the future. --Andrew Asare

Now that your EP Everyday Living has been delivered, what’s the typical day-to-day for you now?
Now, well today has been my most cluttered day, I had so much to do today, but right now I’m just trying to chill with my friends and do as much normal things as possible before like things start getting really hectic.

You hair styles change from time-to-time. You had a bob cut a few weeks prior now you're rocking violet curls. Why the switch-up?
Well the purple hair is my natural thing, I have purple highlights that’s been my thing for two years now. That haircut was for a shoot I was doing with “Messin’ With You,” and it's this theme to it like we’re in different worlds, so that was just a different look I was giving. It wasn’t something I’d be doing all the time. Just for the video [laughs].

Speaking of switching up cuts, what do you think about Beyonce’s cut?
It’s really different. She’s had her luxurious long blond hair for a really long time so I guess it like struck people like 'Whoa, we’re not used to this Beyonce' but I think they’re going to get used to it. I mean, hey it’s what she wants at the end of the day. I don’t think it’s that bad, I like it.

What’s your definition of style?
My definition of style is like whatever you’re feeling. If you want to wear this, then you wear this, that’s your style. Everyone has their own style it’s unique, no one person style is wrong.

Back to the EP. What was the inspiration for the EP title and the lead single?
This is my first body of work coming out from the label so I want people to understand who I am, what I’ve been doing, what I’m going through everyday and to connect to it. Whether you're in a relationship or not, or if you have a crush on someone, everyone has that feeling of love at some point in their life. It’s nothing too out there in which people will be like 'Ok I don’t know what she’s talking about, I’ve never done this, I never done that, I don’t wear this or that.' The EP is very universal.

You've worked with esteemed producers Eric Hudson and August Rigo. Any dream collaborations?
My dream collaboration would be to work with Drake. Honestly, he’s an amazing songwriter, and I feel like if we got the opportunity to do a song it would be the most amazing thing to ever hit people’s ears. Now that all this stuff is coming to play and it's a reality now, and people are asking me is there anyone I would like to work, it would be Drake, that's my ideal person.

Now you stated in recent interviews that your songs are very personal, what song do you consider to be the most personal on Everyday Living?
The song I feel is the most personal is “Good By Now.” It’s about my dad but metaphorically, I wrote it [as] a relationship so that more people can connect to it. Sometimes, people have issues and you just wish sometimes that it could be good.

On Everyday Living, you talk about being in L.A. Which do you prefer: Brooklyn or LA?
Brooklyn, 100 percent. I like L.A., but I’m definitely a Brooklyn girl, I’m a city girl. I need the cars honking. I need the bright lights. I need people yelling in the middle of the night screaming at each other. I need all of that. When I'm in L.A., I kind of go crazy in the middle of the night when it’s like completely quiet. I’ll always be a Brooklyn girl.

Speaking of Brooklyn, that was the birthplace of Aaliyah, there’s a lot of comparisons made between you and her, how do you feel about that?
Wow, I feel that’s an honor. She was a legend.

Your music is very nostalgic of '90s R&B. Who are your top three favorite '90s artists?
It's so hard to choose just three, I love the old school sound, but if I have to choose right now I love Aaliyah, SWV and TLC. I used to sing SWV’s “Weak" everyday when people would ask me to sing.

What are five things you must have with you at all times?
Well, I definitely have to have my phone. That is a must. My red bracelet. It’s a bracelet that my boyfriend gave to me to keep people’s evil spirits away. I never leave anywhere without my watch because it’s a very special gift given to me by one of my managers. This a new thing; I never leave my house without deodorant, because you never know (laughs) and I never leave without with my mascara.

Describe how you're feeling right now.
I feel very blessed. There was a time I thought none of this would happen, and then all of a sudden it just came to me, and I'm like 'Whoa, thank you God, you've been answering my prayers.' It’s very overwhelming but exciting. I can’t wait. It's just the beginning.—Andrew Asare

Everyday Living is now available on iTunes here. Check out her video for "Everyday Living" below.

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J. Holiday noted that Michael Jackson sold 20 million after the release of Off The Wall, and said R.Kelly owns the second spot. Eric Bellinger, while in the studio with Usher, simply panned his camera phone to Usher, who sat quietly in a corner.

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