Interview: Key Wane Explains How ‘All Me’ Landed In Drake’s Hands


Producer Key Wane is definitely a part of Big Sean’s extended Finally Famous family. As a fellow Detroit native, the twenty-two old beatmaker has already contributed numerous hits to Sean’s growing catalog. He boasts the production credits of fan favorites “Guap” (Big Sean), “24 Karats of Gold” (Big Sean f/ J. Cole), and Meek Mill’s “Higher” (F/ Drake.) Most recently he blazed Drake’s 2 Chainz and Big Sean assisted banger “All Me.”

“We was at a photo shoot for Sean’s clothing line and I played the “All Me” beat for Sean on my iPad. He was fuckin’ with it, so originally, he was going to use it. But I don’t know what really happened after that point,” Key Wane tells VIBE.

After the song remained as an unfinished file for several months, Key had another idea for the powerful instrumental.

“I was in the studio one night, listening to the record, perfecting it a little more and I was like ‘Man, I’m trying to send this to Drake,” Key Wane explains. “He hit me back shortly and was like ‘Yo, Chainz is snapping on it.’ He hit me about 30 minutes after I sent it to him. Drake was like ‘We on here going crazy!’ It was just too good of a beat to leave that shit laying around. So, I sent it out and I got a response and that was that.”

Key Wane says the record wasn’t done overnight , though. It still took some work to complete the track before it was ready for the public. He credits Drizzy and 40 for adding the Aziz Ansari intro and outro breakdown.

“When the night everybody got informed about the record, the song wasn’t done,” Key Wane tells VIBE. “We couldn’t figure out a solid hook for it. Actually, we was supposed to put it out a while ago but we didn’t really have a solid hook. Everything else was straight. “

While the recent college graduate wouldn’t confirm if he anymore tracks in the stash with Drake, he did take time to commend Sean on his upcoming album, Hall of Fame. Key also produced “Beware” from the album.

“This album is going to change the way people see Sean. To see how far Hall of Fame has progressed to now, I have a very good feeling are going to love it.” —Mikey Fresh