Interview: Nicole Moudaber Gets You In The ‘Mood’ For Electric Zoo, New EP ‘Give Me Body’

As techno producer and MOOD label head, Nicole Moudaber, makes her way across the Atlantic for New York’s Electric Zoo this weekend, VIBE takes a moment to chat with the accomplished DJ on finding her unique sound, letting loose her inner feline and how she manages her luscious locks:

VIBE: As a label owner and DJ, what makes your sound stand out from others in your genre?
Nicole Moudaber: I guess the way I put my music together is a bit different. At the end of the day, it’s my ears that speak when I play. My feelings have a great impact on the structure of my set and I feel that every record blends in with the next… I tell my story as I go along. We’re all special in our own unique ways. Therefore, we all have great stories to tell.

What was the journey like in finding your own unique techno house sound? Did you know how you wanted your sound to be when you first started out producing?
I didn’t know where I was going or what I was supposed to do. I just let my ears do the job. It’s like you’re looking at an art object or a painting or a great architectural monument… either you feel it and understand it, or you don’t. We can argue with that, but people’s perspectives differ from one another. My perceptive is this so far: this is where I’m at, this is what touches me and reaches me deep within. My crowd, friends, fans all over the world are taken by my story and it’s evolving every day – the tale of the underground continues…

You’re currently in Ibiza at the moment. What has been your most memorable moment/party there so far?
I’ve had great moments at Space Ibiza with Carl Cox, MusicOn with Carola, my label MOOD party on the beach and various villa parties. I need a holiday after Ibiza! Tonight will be another epic journey, as I’m playing a 4 hour set at MusicON Amnesia. I love long sets.., I fly with everyone and that’s what it’s all about in Ibiza. It’s a very spiritual experience

The DJ Awards are also coming up down there, with the ceremony taking place on September 25 at Pacha. If you were running an actual campaign for the dance enthusiasts’ vote, what would be some of your main selling points as a candidate?
I’m not a great seller of myself and never have been. I won an award last year at the IDMA in Miami for best Techno/Minimal category and to be nominated again is truly amazing. I’m honored to be acknowledged once again with Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and Sven Vath. It’s a tight question and I can’t answer this about myself. If I were being interviewed for a hedge fund or an office in politics, I probably would’ve laid down my best points, but what I do is very subjective and spiritual. I’m not sure I can narrow it down as such.

At the end of the month, you’ll be crossing the Atlantic for Electric Zoo. What are you looking forward to most in performing there?
Mostly to see my New York fans and friends! I’ve been in touch with them on Twitter and Facebook. I see repeated faces all the time and it’s amazing to see everyone again. Also I’m excited to hang out with my Drumcode family, as we’re getting ready for a big event on September 1, followed by an extensive tour for two weeks in the United States and Canada. I have an intense connection with this region.

You’ve performed at the festival before. What was the craziest thing you witnessed?
Me ROARing!!! It’s the perfect place to get my “feline” persona out.

It goes without saying that you’ll be performing new music from your latest EP, “Give Me Body.” Can you describe the EP in your own words, especially the origins of such a captivating title?
I woke up one morning humming words and melodies. I had the track ready, but I thought it needed some spoken words or snippets of vocals. I wrote them the same morning I was heading over to the studio and just laid them on the track. I didn’t expect such a great reaction from it, but Cox, Beyer, and Dice were all over it when I first sent it. A few other DJs including John Digweed also liked it. The story behind the lyrics is interesting. I was feeling very sexy with someone I was with at the time. It’s a little dirty and nice. Anja Schneider gave it a different life with her remix and the dub is appealing to DJs who don’t play vocals. The package is quite complete and varied for everyone’s taste.

On an ending note, you have the most fabulous hair. What’s your secret?
I swear by Philip B. hair products, as his shampoos and conditioners are at the top of the line on the market at the moment. He’s a great friend of mine who is based in Berlin and LA. He’s a genius and knows what “HAIR’ is all about.