Interview: Unlocking the Truth, Brooklyn’s Youngest Rockers

Heavy metal band, Unlocking the Truth, may be on vacation from junior high school but perfecting their musical craft gets no days off. The Brooklyn, New York rock trio has spent the summer readying an EP with Eric Clapton’s drummer, Steve Jordan.

Band members Malcolm Brickhouse, lead guitarist, Jarrad Dawkins, drummer and Alec Atkins, bassist, are three pre-teens who have a taste for metal. Attending live wrestling shows at a very young age, Malcolm and Jarrad were initially exposed to the rock genre that they soon took on to make their own. “The background music at wrestling shows is heavy metal and that inspired us. We also used to look at animated music videos and that’s like anime with music to it and it’s usually heavy metal,” Malcolm said.

Both Malcolm and Jarrad wield a range of experience in multiple instruments which they taught themselves to play. The original two members chip in on helping Alec, their newest member who only has one year of bass experience, master the instrument as well as memorize songs.

During the school year, the boys encountered bullying due to their different style. Adorning black nail polish prompted other kids at school to tease them but that seems to have come to a halt. “It doesn’t happen as often, probably because all of us have girlfriends now,” Alec said.

Whether the three boys are rocking out in practice or skateboarding up and down their Brooklyn neighborhood, it is certain that these kids are ready to take over the heavy metal industry. – Alley Olivier