iPhone Rumor: iPhone 5S and 5C Reveal Slated for September

Start saving up now. According to tech insiders Apple will be revealing their new iPhones come Sept. 10.

The company has been having some trouble keeping things under wraps. Last month, photos of packaging for the new budget iPhone 5C made their way online via an overseas forum. Prior to that, photos leaked of the new iPhone 5C cases in several different colors. Apple remained quiet throughout all the tech chatter.

Now, more photos have leaked via Vietnamese publication Tinh te. The photos show both the new cases for the budget iPhone 5C and next generation iPhone 5, dubbed iPhone 5S in similar vein to the iPhone 4 models. The iPhone 5S is almost identical to the iPhone 5. SlashGear reports that the first visible changes to the iPhone 5 include the “dual-LED flash on the back of the iPhone 5S” that will give the iPhone “a double-dose of bright light.” The rest of the changes are simple involving smaller lenses and holes. The iPhone 5S will likely wow more with its inner workings than exterior changes. The same held true for the 4S model. It evolved little externally, but introduced the automated voice-controlled system Siri.

The iPhone 5C also appears similar in size to the 5S but, of course, in its plastic frame.