Joey Badass Talks Pro Era LP And The Smokers Club Tour (Video)

Joey Badass hooked up with VIBE in Croatia, the day before his performance with co-Pro Era rapper/producer, Kirk Knight, at Outlook Festival 2013 in Pula.

“Everyone (Badass, Kirk Knight, CJ Fly, Chuck Strangers) is working on their solo projects right now, but we’re working on the bigger picture: the group’s LP,” Badass says when plugged on new joints to drop off the yet-to-be-named next album from Pro Era.

The group’s mixtape, ‘Peep The Aprocolalypse’ from 2012 has fueled fan-cravings for nearly a year, and Badass promises new music from the Pros’ is on the way to quench em.

“We’re gonna come back full circle. We gonna meet and take over,” adds Badass, whose ‘Summer Nights’ solo mixtape dropped July 1.

As for B4.Da.$$., the 19-year-old’s forthcoming album, Badass claims he’s more focused on touring and connecting with fans on The Smokers Club Tour, which he’ll kicks off with Ab-Soul on October 17.

Video Credit: Jason Chandler