Jourdan Dunn Gets Naked For ‘GQ’ Magazine

jourdan dunn in gq magazine

If we could describe Jourdan Dunn in two words, we’d pick: gangsta fab. Not only does the 23-year-old mother and model rub elbows with Wale, but she stuns on red carpets and even managed to (ook amazing while baring all in the September issue of GQ magazine. Entitled titled, “Bare Jourdan” the article was photographed by Dusan Reljin.

In the British babe says, “People think that I’m against fashion—or that I’m ghetto or a loudmouth. I’m not. But if speaking my opinion makes me that girl, fine. I’ll take that crown.”

On a sign of a good date: “If anybody is on their phone on the first date, that’s when you know. Oops, it’s going bad. If I’m not looking at my phone to check the time, that’s when I knows working.”

On how to attract a guy she’s interested in: “I would seduce him with dancing, because I kind of think I’m good at dancing. And he’ll just come up to me… hopefully.”

On the best pickup line she’s ever heard: “I was actually in New York and I met a guy who was like, ‘Damn I would climb that A$$.’ I just thought it was so funny!”

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