Judge Denies Tameka Raymond’s Request for Primary Custody of Two Sons

This week was a trying time for Usher and Tameka Raymond whose son Usher V, affectionately known as “Cinco”, nearly drowned in a swimming pool accident. The former couple, who just ended a bitter custody battle, found themselves in court once again on Friday (August 9)- this time Tameka filing for emergency custody of their two sons.

While Usher has maintained primary custody, Tameka told a judge that Usher is gone 85% of the time and often leaves their children in the care of incapable people. Dressed in a white blazer and shirt, the single mother shed tears as she talked about her son and ex-husband.

Ultimately, the court decided that Usher would remain the custodial parent. Before leaving the courtroom, the two shared a long embrace (above), which Tameka told cameras was a “media ploy.”

“I just want to get back to where my son is. I’ll be back in court on the 27th. And we’ll revisit all of this. It was only a very small amount of evidence that was allowed because this was an emergency and we were trying to get something changed immediately. But for the long term, I’ll see on the 27th.”

Fortunately, “Cinco” looks to be healing from the accident. When asked about his condition, Tameka said he’s “getting back to normal.”

Photo Credit: TMZ