Juicy J Signing New Acts to Taylor Gang Records, After ‘Stay Trippy’

There are some things that you might not know about Juicy J, like that the Oscar-winning rapper is co-founder of Taylor Gang Records and Head of A&R for the record label. Originally founded by Wiz Khalifa, the Pittsburgh native signed on Juicy J as third owner of Taylor Gang Records and has given him full reigns to the label’s new talent. “Wiz Khalifa is my brother,” says Juicy J. “We’re like family members.”

Juicy J joined Taylor Gang Records back in 2011. This week saw the release of his first solo LP, Stay Trippy, for Taylor Gang Records. “Trippy is a word from the ’60s. I just kinda revived it and made it relevant,” says Juicy J. “I would sit on my couch in 2010, smoking a little bit of herb, and I was telling one of my homies, ‘Yo, you remember that word trippy that they use to use back in the 60s? Grateful Dead and a lot of rock bands use to use it. Man, I’m gonna take that word to another level.” He has succeeded.

With his new album out, it’s time to get the ball rolling on new acts. “I know music,” adds Juicy J. “I’ve been in the game for over 20 years … I got some new acts I’ve been talking with, new musicians. I’m not going to say their names yet because their contracts are still pending, but we are going to sign the world. Taylor Gang or die.”