Juicy J Taste Tests Olde E, Cristal And More Classic Liquors

Rappers are known for turning little known liquors into certified classics. Here, Juicy J—whose latest album, Stay Trippy, hits stores today—sips on the juices that held down the block and the VIP.

Photos By: Erin Patrice Obrien

Olde English 800 | Beer

“With Olde E sittin’ in between my lap/And when brothers act up, a gun machine I pack” —“Redman Meets Reggie Noble,” Redman
Juicy J Says: “The first time I heard about this, I was listening to NWA, Eazy E, rapping about sitting on the corner drinking 40s. I had to search ’cause in North Memphis my people drank Stag and Miller.”

E&J | Brandy

“I keep some E&J, sittin’ bent up in the stairway” —“N.Y. State of Mind,” Nas
Juicy J Says: “Woo! This strong. This used to be my favorite drink.
It takes me back to the early ’90s. After high school I got introduced to E&J, but in my neighborhood it was called Erk & Jerk. We used to get so fucked up on this. Drink
it straight and pass it around. That E&J is a tough taste, very bitter.”

Courvoisier | Cognac

“You can give me the Cris/And you can pass me the Rémy, but pass the Courvoisier —“Pass the Courvoisier,” Busta Rhymes
Juicy J Says: “Pretty smooth. I didn’t really get into this until I started making money. It’s one of those “up there” drinks. It’s good, and it turns
you up. People like Busta would put it in their raps. I fucked with it here and
there, but it’s nothing I would run out and buy.”