K. Michelle Talks New LP, Rebel Against Campaign And Abusive Relationship

Never one to shy away from her past struggles with domestic violence, singer/ reality star K. Michelle continues to wave the flag for her Rebel Against campaign to aid women in overcoming their battles with physical and mental abuse. After a whirlwind day filled with in-store signings and appearances on the day of her album Rebellious Soul’s release, the Memphis-bred beauty stopped by Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens to bestow words of wisdom to a group of young ladies, eager to hear her story.—Kandice Lawson

On pursuing dreams:
“I just want them to know that you got to be a fighter to do what you want and to get to where you want to be. People are always going to try to knock you down, but you have to remain positive and do what needs to be done. My mouth is real slick, but the thing about it is, it ain’t always worth it. I’m getting better I’m not perfect yet but you really have to say this is what I want to do and this is what I’m going to do.”

On escaping her abusive relationship:
“I feel good, I feel relieved. I feel like that was something I had to go through to get where I ‘m at now. A lot of people go through it, its more prevalent than people speak on, so with me right now, I’m never going to allow that to happen again.”

On knowing when to walk away:
“I listened to a lot of my friends, if you really listen to yourself and pay attention to yourself, you’ll understand and know when enough is enough. Your friends can tell you what to do, but to get there, until you’re tired, you’re not going to listen. I got to a point to where I listened to myself and was like I’m not gon do it.”

On her Rebel Against campaign:
“If you’re doing something and people are paying attention then you have to do something positive within it, I didn’t think it would take on another life like that. I just wanted to do something where people told me what they needed to rebel against and then I got so many emails and so many people.”

On the Rebellious Soul record that women can relate to most:
“I think the ‘I Don’t Like Me’ record is the record that can really touch women because it speaks on self esteem issues. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how people think you’re pretty, we all go through things where self esteem really does affect us.

Inspiration for Rebellious Soul:
“Life inspired me to just write about what was going on at that time.”

On her upcoming projects:
“K. Michelle just being K. Michelle.”

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