Kanye West Won’t Face Felony Charge for Paparazzi Attack

Kanye West can give a sigh of relief. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office has decided to not prosecute the rapper with felony charges following his most recent paparazzi attack.

West went off on a photographer egging him with questions as he left Los Angeles airport on July 19. The encounter was caught on video and shows the “New Slaves” rapper going in on the rogue paparazzo’s camera. However, since there was no weapon, no injury reported, and West has no felony record, the case will be demoted to the city’s attorney’s office where he can still be charged with a misdemeanor.

Some are saying it’s a small victory for celebs against the paparazzi. This week, Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner testified in Sacramento, Calif. for stronger anti-paparazzi laws against photographers who follow their families.