Kelly Rowland: ‘Beyoncé Can Have A Strand Of Hair And Still Be Fine’

The Internets nearly broke when Beyoncé revealed her new, short ‘do but fellow Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland says it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“Beyoncé can have a strand of hair on her head and still be fine,” the Talk A Good Game singer told TMZ. “We have been rocking short hair since the beginning of time. Somebody had something off of somebody so it’s fine.”

Mrs. Carter is synonymous with her long, gold tresses but changed it up recently with summer box braids and now, a pixie cut, which is a sign of empowerment according to her hair colorist Rita Hazan.

“She didn’t want to hide behind her hair in real life,” Hazan told Us Weekly. “I’m so happy because the extensions give women the wrong expectation of what their hair should look like – it’s great for onstage, but everyday women shouldn’t have or want to have five pounds of hair on their head. This hair is more natural, more realistic.”

Famed hairstylist Kim Kimble also chimed in, claiming she even got emotional when she saw the “Irreplaceable” performer’s new cut. “I got a little teary eyed!” Kimble said to PEOPLE in a recent interview. “I feel like it’s my hair, I work so much with her. I feel a little emotional but excited for her, too.” –Nina Marrissa(@NinaMarrissa)

Photo Credit: Instagram

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