Kendrick Lamar On Black Hippy: ‘We Started Off With Our Own Creative Space’ (Video)

With Rock The Bells 2013 around the corner, Guerrilla Union is gearing up for the annual hip-hop festival by serving up bites from the show’s performers, beginning with Kendrick Lamar. In their exclusive one-on-one with the Compton rapper, whose fiery verse on Big Sean’s “Control” went rabid on the Internets last week, discusses the origin of his crew, Black Hippy.

“Numbers, that’s more strength, that’s how I look at it and when an audience can identify an artist, that’s cool, that’s big,” he says, “but when they can identify a crew, they know it’s something bigger than just the movement. It’s a lifestyle that they bringing as far music.

The good kid, formerly known as K.Dot, is known for rolling with a tight-knit crew comprised of Top Dawg’s finest Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, Kendrick and Schoolboy Q. The “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” rapper reveals that the initial plan was to introduce each member one-by-one.

“We had a plan with this shit, we said we was gon’ get each individual off first,” he explains. “Let the world identify with these artists and understand them, and then bring them together as a collective. We feel when a group comes together from the jump, it’s always a stigma where they eventually break up and that’s because later on down the line, they eventually have their creative differences so what we did was start off with our own creative space.”

He adds, “When we say Black Happy, it’s not just music, it’s actually a group of individuals saying ‘Fuck the regular’ and doing what they want to do in the world for themselves and not getting caught up in the world of politics.” Watch the full clip below.

Photo Credit: Fader