7 Ways Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ Verse Will Change The Rap Game

It’s been a week now since Kendrick Lamar dropped his amazing verse on Big Sean’s track, “Control,” and people are still losing their minds over it. They’re still tweeting about it, still arguing about its impact, and still sifting through the dozens of responses from other rappers that have come about because of it (if you still need help with that last part, we’ve got you covered over here). The 152-second verse from Kendrick Lamar has been a game changer, for sure.

But how much of a game changer? In both the short and long term, we think it could bring about some serious change in hip-hop. Here, 7 ways we think Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse will change the rap game moving forward.

Photo Credit: Zimbio