Ladies, A Year Is Too Long To Wait To Have Sex


For quite some time now I’ve been noticing a popular trend of famous women gleefully admitting that they waited a specific amount of time before getting it in with their boyfriends, fiancés, and husbands. I started noticing this around 2006 when Alicia Keys was dating Kerry “Krucial” Brothers, and she revealed her body was “too beautiful” to be violated by someone who didn’t deserve it. Other celebs started to announce how chaste they were, and before long Steve Harvey released a book instructing women to treat their vaginas like a benefits package, thus introducing the infamous “three-month rule” into every day urban vernacular. So it wasn’t that surprising to hear Tia Mowry state that she waited a year to kiss her then-boyfriend-now-husband Cory Hardict—Lincoln Anthony Blades

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