Lady Gaga’s ‘Artpop’ App Sales To Count For Billboard

Lady Gaga is tearing a page out of Jay Z’s playbook for the release of her forthcoming album ARTPOP via app. Only difference is that Billboard will count all the albums copped through the app. The news comes after Hov’s recent release Magna Carta Holy Grail prompted RIAA to rewrite #newrules for what constitutes an album sale, since Billboard refused to factor the million copies bought by Samsung.

“As we understand, Gaga fans get #artpop app for free & can buy the album in-app. Albums purchased this way would count on Billboard charts,” Billboard editorial director Bill Werde wrote on Twitter. “Concerns about self-reported data by Gaga seem unfounded. I expect in-app sales to be fulfilled (& reported) by existing digital retailers.”

He adds that the reason why ARTPOP won’t be getting the Magna Carta treatment is because the project will be sold to individual fans. “For those who may ask: this is obviously different from Jay-Z/#MCHG/Samsung which gave app for free but had no option for fans to buy,” Werde explained.

Mother Monster has been prepping her return as MTV announced that she will be performing her new single “Applause,” dropping August 18, at this year’s Video Music Awards. ARTPOP is slated to make a splash November 11.