Lamar Odom Addicted to Crack Cocaine

Reports of basketball player Lamar Odom’s drug abuse surfaced this week, but the severity and drug of choice were unknown …until now.

Yesterday, news broke that the 6′ 10″ power forward had been suffering from substance abuse for more than two years. His addiction is being blamed for the rift in his marriage to Khloe Kardashian Odom. Khloe went as far as staging an intervention, and threw Odom out of the house after he refused to get treatment.

TMZ reports that the intervention was for Odom’s addition to crack cocaine, which he has been using on and off over the last to years. He took his crack problem to rehab a year ago but only lasted three weeks.

Both camps have remained silent on the matter. Ironically, Odom’s last tweet on July 12 read: “Before her there never was and without her will never be. Wifey is real.”