Lupe Fiasco Releases ‘SLR 3′ (Round of Applause)

Lupe Fiasco would like a round of applause. Our favorite Tweeter drops “SLR 3 (Round of Applause),” another response to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse, where he basically explains how he doesn’t give a f$#@.

Earlier in the week, Fiasco dropped the second in the “SLR” series, which also served as a response to K-Dot’s “Control” verse. On it, he mentioned how he might not have platinum records, but he still raps “like I’m flames.” While, Fiasco wasn’t named in Lamar’s laundry list of newcomers that he’s going to verbally murder on the mike, Fiasco has been having fun on its account. He tweeted a series of mock responses impersonating comebacks to Kendrick’s “Control” verse.

While “SLR 3″ starts with the Chicago emcee rapping over a jazz rap beat, it ends with Lupe singing, “I’m gonna ride this wave/ And niggas popping shit that got nothing to do with me/ And capitalize off the free press/ Because my publicist charges a lot to do the same shit that these niggas doin’ for free/ And I could just rap because, really, this shit means nothing to me.”

“SLR 3″

“SLR 2″