Man Crowdsurfs In Wheelchair At Lollapalooza

Just a few days after Steve Aoki nailed a wheelchair-bound fan with a cake, a man in a wheelchair rocked out at Lollapalooza in Chicago.

Rick Guardino, aka “Rollin’ Rick,” had an unforgettable experience during Nine Inch Nails’ performance last Friday night. Guardino was born with cerbeal palsy and usually sits in the handicapped section at concerts, but decided to give crowdsurfing a try – and got a huge boost from fans.

Guardino sailed high above the audience multiple times during the performance, and even got up during Kendrick Lamar’s performance later in the festival.

“It was nuts,” said Guardino. “Everyone was coming up to me saying, ‘You’re that guy, you’re that guy from Kendrick Lamar and all the other shows you were surfing.”

Check out video of the man in a wheelchair crowdsurfing at NBC Chicago’s website..