Mas Appeal: Vixen’s Guide to Carnival


Nottinghill Carnival (London)

“God save the queen” for London turns all the way up during this Carnival weekend. Although the United Kingdom has a heavy West-Indian presence, onlookers can’t help but be transfixed by the wave of color, sound, and motion. Popping off the third weekend of August, it also proves a great time to tour Europe. You already made it across the pond so why not?

Where to stay: Bayswater Road offers a wide range of hotel accommodations, all of which are walking distance to the parade route. There are also several metro stations along the main road that make the rest of London easily accessible.

Where to eat:  Shepherd’s Bush, an area situated close to Nottinghill, is home to the Westfield London Shopping Center, which offers many options for epic eats. The Mall houses a wide selection of upscale restaurants and a variety of small local eateries can be found directly outside.

Where to play: Euphoria Carnival and Poison UK are both great options.,

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