Mas Appeal: Vixen’s Guide to Carnival

Carnival of Trinidad

Trinidad Carnival

Trinidad is to Carnival, what Beyonce is to R&B.  No surprise that her hubby chose to shoot his “Big Pimpin” video at this world famous festival.  Beware, “It ain’t for everybody.” Trinidadians have successfully mastered the art of ‘fete-ing’—relentless partying that leaves minimal time for sleep.  And unlike most Carnivals, Trinidad offers two full days to parade the streets.  After 72 hours of non-stop ‘fete-ing’, followed by two days on the road, those strong enough to endure rightfully earn the title “Carnival Aficionado”.

Where to stay: Port of Spain is the heart of the action.  The Hyatt Regency is the leading choice, but beware because it’s also the first to sell out.

Where to eat: Dawn’s Roti shop—nestled on a small road in Diego Martin—is far from fancy but boasts the best roti in Trinidad. Period.

Where to play: The exclusive Tribe Carnival offers one of the best mas experiences in Trinidad.

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